Let us start by saying that this is not a franchise, you keep 100 % of the profits.


We come to you!! That's right, we come to your location to train YOU!!

This way, all you need to do is focus on your training. No traveling, no jet lag,
no hotels or fast food meals. You stay in the comfort of your home and sleep
on your own bed every night.

Unlike most other training classes, this won't be a 10-15 people classroom
setting, with people talking and taking your valuable training and learning time
while you wait for your turn.

This is personalized training one on one. Focusing on just you!

In the comfort of your home we'll teach you to refinish your own fixtures: Your
Bathtub or Shower Stall, Wall Tile, Vanity and Kitchen Counter. So by the time
we are done, you will have professionally refinished your bathroom and
kitchen adding great value to them.

The Global Refinishing Training Course Is the best training course available.
Not only will you be working on your own actual refinishing jobs, you will also
be working with some of the best refinishers in the world. You will receive
training from our owner and full time professional refinishers, who makes a
good living refinishing bathtubs, counter tops, vanities, tile, appliances, and
other kitchen and bath fixtures.

Not only do we teach you how to refinish, we teach you how to market and run
a successful business. We are a second generation refinishing company with
our own formulas.

By using your own bathroom and kitchen, you will be trained in actual real life
conditions with results that you will be proud to show your family and friends.

You won't just be sitting around taking turns at a clawfoot tub in the middle of
a room.

Your training will include :

- Chemical mixing & safety.
- Different Coatings and Suppliers.
- Understanding Epoxy's present role in the industry.
- Using Wipe-on Bonding Agents.
- Using and Maintaining your spray equipment.
- Equipment Safety and Care.
- Surfaces that can be Refinished.
- Best Cleaners to Use.
- To Etch or Not To Etch.
- Proper masking of work area.
- Refinishing Appliances.
- Slip Resistant Surfaces (SRS) for bathtubs and fiberglass shower enclosures.
- How to Repair sags and runs.
- Stone Finish and/or multi-speck pattern applications.
- Marketing and business assistance.
- How to charge for your work including estimating.
- Business basics, Licensing & Insurance.
- Warranty and Terms of Contract  (how to protect yourself).
- Training, compensating technicians.
- Overview of Bathtub Modification for Senior Citizens,
Handicapped and Mobility Impaired.
- Marketing and advertising a refinishing business.
- Best  places to get business (Hotels, apartment complexes, etc.)
- Each student receives a certificate of completion as a trained professional.

Learning to refinish does take practice and that's why we give you five full
days of training instead of just two so you can get plenty of practice spraying.
And we also focus on the business end of it.  We are confident we can train
just about anybody.

After all it is our goal to make you a success in business not just to teach you
to refinish.

Regardless of what other courses claim, you cannot learn everything that's
listed here or even half of it in two short days.

There's a saying that goes:

"The price for a good education isn't cheap. However, the price you pay for
not having one is much higher"
Get the best refinishing education you can afford.  If you have the desire we
can help you become independent and live the life most only dream of.

Our Training Program is 5 full days, Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm.
That's 40 hrs of training.
No short 2 day weekend courses or manuals here.

Ask yourself this question:

Can I learn all that and have enough spraying time to go do it on my own after
only a short weekend class shared with 10 other trainees?  

The answer is:

Definitely not. Taking turns spraying and walking around a clawfoot tub is not
what you are going to encounter when you are working on your own. That's
why with our training, you will refinish real tubs and tile (your own!) and you
will learn how to deal with sags and runs on the spot as they happen, and they
will, and also learn how to repair and blend them the next day. Only by doing it
hands on can you learn how to repair and prevent mistakes.

Give us a call so we can discuss your customized training opportunity!