Would you like to sell 4 times more houses than you are selling now, by using refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing is helping realtors sell more houses. Your real estate colleagues are using creative ways to sell
more houses at a higher price. So, with the way the market is favoring the buyer, are you still trying to sell a home with
a bathroom or kitchen that is outdated?

Informed realtors are using surface restoration to sell more houses quickly, and at a higher price. How do they do
that? They educate their clients that by spending a few hundred dollars in refinishing and updating their bathrooms
and kitchens they can sell their homes quickly and at a higher price. They let the seller know
the advantages of
refinishing over replacing.

Bathtub refinishing saves money and time. It also gets bathtub fixtures and kitchen countertops to look like brand
new, without the cost and time that removal and replacement take. You can help the seller
choose from these colors
we have available.

Creative real estate agents are using staging to help speed up the sale of homes. Staging is where your colleagues,
will put furniture and other things in an empty house to give the buyer an idea how the house would look as their
home. The staged house also creates a way for their eyes and hearts to connect to it with a powerfully effective first
impression that lingers and stays with them.(

Some homes may need the sinks redone. It could be the cabinets or appliances. There may be other fixtures you want

As a real estate agent, you know how important the bathroom and kitchen are in the sale of a house. And with
refinishing, you can actually list houses that can sell up to five times the money you spent on refinishing. In addition
you get to sell more houses for more money faster than your competition.

Our refinished surfaces can last 10 to 15 years, if you maintain with care. To guarantee against peeling or failure of
adhesion, your clients get our
bathtub refinishing iron-clad warranty.

To start selling more houses than you are selling now, learn all you can about surface restoration and make a
commitment to save your clients money and time by using surface restoration.

We think you’ll be surprised just how inexpensive it can be to have that needed edge over the competition