Would you like the beautiful look of Granite or Corion in your kitchen or
bathroom, but without the high cost and mess of installation? Now you
can! We can resurface your existing laminate counter top, giving it an
amazing solid surface finish.  Your new surface is extremely hard and
durable. And all of this is done with your counter right in place, with no
need of removing the sink. We offer two finish choices, you can have
either a textured or smooth finish.

Most counters can be resurfaced in one or two days. Here’s how the
process works. After preparing the surface, we apply an epoxy adhesive.
Once that has set we apply our multi-colored material, which gives it the
rich look of a stone surface. (To see the colors available,
Click here.) Over
this is applied a catalyzed polymer surface that cures to an incredible
hardness. After the application, the surface must cure one day before
being used.

The final product is a durable, modern looking counter top with a five year
warranty coverage. Your friends will think you spent a small fortune on
new counters.
If you would like to see an actual sample of this amazing surface, go to the
Schedule a Free Estimate Online" form and schedule a convenient time
for us to come to your home, show you actual color samples and the
surface, as well as give you a free estimate. Most kitchen counters can be
resurfaced for a cost of anywhere between $500 and $1000, depending on
the size and condition. Many of our customers have saved up to 70% of
the cost of a new solid surface counter top. Also, for about $100-200 per
job (for most) we can round out the edges (look at the first "after" picture)
to give your counter that much of a modern look.

Schedule an Appointment Get up to $100 Off
Beautiful Counter tops for a fraction
of                                       Granite.