Bathtub Refinishing Saves You Money, Time and the Environment.

Bathtub Refinishing saves you money, time and the environment instead of replacing old
bathtubs with new ones.

A new bathtub may cost as little as $300, but when you add the cost of tearing down your old
bathtub, removing it,  getting rid of it and all the fixtures, and dumping all the mess at the
landfill, then add the bathtub parts, tile work, flooring, carpentry and permits, you see the cost
of replacing a bathtub can go into the thousands of dollars.

In addition, when you add all the different contractors involved in bathtub replacing, you get
scheduling differences, no-shows and not to mention all the noise and mess.

Why Bathtub Refinishing Saves You More Money, Time and the Environment than Replacing

                 Approximate Cost To Replace A Bathtub:

Bathtub Refinishing Benefits

You save up to 80% the cost of replacing.
You save a lot of time since the average time for refinishing a bathtub is 4 hours and it can
take from 5 days to 2 weeks for replacing your fixtures.
You can use your fixtures in 24 hours.
You get to choose the colors for your project
You save the trees and the landfill
(environmental benefits of refinishing.)
Bathtub Refinishing process is an economical and fast way to get your bathtubs, sinks,
counter tops, appliances looking new at a fraction of what it would cost you to replace them.  
Refinishing saves you the irritation and mess of replacing your bathtub.

Refinishing your bathtub instead of replacing it saves time since it takes about 4 hours to
refinish a bathtub compared to more than 5 days to replace it. You get the modern look you
desire while saving the landfills.

By refinishing your bathtub instead of replacing it, you avoid the aggravation and mess of
replacing your bathtub.

Is Your Bathtub Ready for Refinishing?

You name it, and we've probably seen it. We refinish bathtubs that are hard to keep clean,
ones that are showing their age, discolored, scratched, or even stained. Most of our clients,
are astonished at how brand new their bathtub or sink looks after we've repaired and
refinished their bathtub or sink and fixtures.

You too will be 'amazed'. With Bathtub Refinishing, it takes only about 4 to 6 hours to get your
bathtub refinished to look like brand new.

At Global Refinishing, we use only high performance products. The advantage is that you get a
bathtub that looks like brand new. Our Bathtub Refinishing process is so durable, that your
refinished bathtub can last another 15 to 20 years. That's why we guarantee our work with our
Bathtub Refinishing iron-clad warranty.

With our refinishing system, you can modernize your bathroom. You can give it that custom
look that you've been wanting. To get ideas,
look at our refinishing color chart. Above all you,
you get more than Bathtub Refinishing. You also get a great feeling as you save money, time
and the environment when you refinish your bathtub instead of replacing.

To start your wonderful Bathtub Refinishing experience, fill out our
refinishing estimate
request. As soon as we get it and contact you, you will be on your way to getting the best
refinishing experience.


New  bathtub


Carpentry work for walls/floor


Tile work, walls and floor


Plumbing parts & Plumber


Total cost to replace a tub