Has your bathtub and tile lost its shine? Have you found
them increasingly difficult to keep clean? Or are the colors
outdated? We can help! We can reglaze your porcelain or
fiberglass bathtub right in place in just a few hours. The
same can even be done with your ceramic tile. And we can
change the color to almost any color of your choice. The new
finish is very glossy and extremely hard, giving it a beautiful
appearance and making the cleaning so much easier.

If you have a fiberglass tub with a crack in it, this also can be
repaired. Or if you’ve installed a brand new tub and it has
been chipped in the process, we can usually repair this
without refinishing the entire tub.

Most bathtubs and tile can be reglazed in one day. Here’s
how the process works. First we treat the surface, then we
apply a conditioner, then an multicomponent silane
adhesive. Once that has set we apply our glaze, which gives
it a high gloss finish in a new color. The new finish will
sparkle, making cleaning it much easier.

The final product is a durable, modern looking finish with a
five year warranty coverage. Your friends will think you
spent a small fortune on a new bathroom.

How does this compare with the plastic bathtub inserts that
are being offered today? Usually reglazing is about 40% or
less than the cost of an insert. And with reglazing, you never
have to worry about water getting trapped between the
insert and your original tub, causing mold, mildew and a
horrible odor. Also with inserts, their removal can be very
expensive once they’re worn out, whereas with reglazing
there is no such expensive removal cost should you ever
need to have it done again.

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